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Territory Manager - Europe Christian Boorz
Phone: +49-151423-58-113
Cell: +49-151-423-58-113
    Christian Boorz holds a Business Administration degree from Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg, and has several years of experience in the firefighting and safety products industry. Prior to Task Force Tips, Christian was employed with the Ziegler company for 19 years, and has held positions such as product manager, technical support manager, sales manager, new product development manager, market research and analysis specialist for lose equipment and special products, and has introduced and assisted in the development of products for the German Army and the German Federal Authority for Technical Relief. Throughout his experience, Christian has worked with, and become a specialist in several brands and products in the firefighting and safety products industry. Christian is also a trained, educated, and experienced German and European firefighter with the Industrial Fire Brigade.

You can contact Christian Boorz by the following
Mobile: +49-151-423-58-113