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TFT employs over 200 people. We believe that our employees are our most valuable assets.

In fact, we attribute our success as a company in significant part to our ability to recruit, hire, and maintain a happy and productive work force.

TFT prides itself on being a worldwide industry leader in the design and manufacture of high tech fire suppression equipment. This leadership position will be maintained in the future because of the skills, dedication and creativity of our employees and the modern equipment utilized in every area of the company.

At TFT our culture reflects our belief in our people. We are committed to a workplace where ideas, energy, teamwork and dedication will lead us on a path to success.

Work Philosophy
TFT promotes a work culture of employee understanding and empowerment. At Task Force Tips, we believe in the value of our work and we share information about Company performance with our employees on an ongoing basis. We know that our work is worthwhile and we work together to achieve our commitments and exceed our customers' expectations. We value our employees as individuals and we believe that each employee is in control of their work. Our employees are informed and empowered to make decisions and drive improvements throughout the organization. We realize that each employee makes a valuable contribution toward achieving our shared goals. At TFT, we recognize great performance and we celebrate our success. By cheering each other on, we bring an enthusiasm to our work that is contagious and fun!
Team Work
At TFT we believe in the power of our people. We capitalize on the talent of our teams! All employees are invited to bring their ideas and energy to one of our Teams. At TFT we have seen the power of our people in action and it is AWESOME!

• Competitive Compensation
• Medical/Vision/Dental Plan
• Flexible Spending Plan
• 401K plan
• Profit Sharing Plan
• Short-Term Disability
• Long Term Disability
• Group Life
• Paid Holidays
• Paid Vacation
• Employee Assistance Program
• Tuition Assistance
• Training
• FUN!

Human Resources
At TFT we care about our employees. The Human Resource Department promotes individual success and organizational value.

Human Resources is committed to the following objectives:

• Training and developing our workforce to promote individual successes and increase our overall organizational value.
• Providing and promoting a safe, healthy, and respectful environment.
• Inspiring and encouraging a high level of employee morale through recognition, communication, and delivering constant feedback.
• Administering policies and procedures in a fair and consistent manner.

These services are achieved via a teamwork philosophy that is inspired through effective organizational skills, proactive efforts, and maintaining a balance between professionalism and the ability to have fun.
Training and Employee Development
TFT provides rewarding career opportunities at all levels and we recognize that employee development is critical to our success. Job openings are communicated throughout the organization and employees are encouraged to develop necessary skills for advancement. We provide employees opportunities to grow in their current roles and to advance through promotions.

At TFT, we invest in our future through employee training and skill enhancement. Some of the training opportunities you will find at TFT include on-the-job training, technical training, and professional development opportunities.

Employees are encouraged to develop their skills in a variety of areas including process optimization, leadership development, software skills, problem solving, and more. In addition to Company sponsored training, TFT supports employee development though educational assistance at local colleges and universities. Come grow with us!

Located in the Great City of Valparaiso IN
Watch the City of Valparaiso IN video on why you should work in Valparaiso. This place has many amenities and offers a great quality of life as it shows in the Valparaiso City Tour video.

SCHOOL-TO-WORK works for Task Force Tips
School-to-Work is a partnership developed in the mid-90’s by the Porter County Vocational Educational Program and area businesses. The program allows Porter County High School Students the ability to learn a skill or trade while being paid. The student works half of a school day and the other half of the day is spent in class. The program is usually taken during their senior year but some juniors have enrolled.
For additional information contact:

     Jon Groth, Principal/Director
     Porter County Career and Technical Center
     1005 N. Franklin St.
     Valparaiso, IN 46383
     219-531-3170, Ext. 8225     Fax 531-3173

Task Force Tips, Inc. has employed many students part-time during high school. After graduation many have stayed with TFT in a full-time capacity. We feel this is a terrific opportunity!