Task Force Tips A3090 Task Force Tips Fire Fighting Equipment Nozzles, Monitors, Piercing Nozzles, Manifold, Ball Intake Valves, PRO/pak, Blitzfire and Suction Hose
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Single Jumbo Spanner

Part No:A3090

Single Jumbo Spanner
Lightweight cast aluminum alloy design features dual spanner claws that can be used on virtually any Storz, rocker lug or long handled fire hose couplings from 1" (25mm) up to 6" (152mm) diameter. Adjustable lug releases Storz-Lock levers on most Storz couplings.

Weight: 1.000 lbs (0.000 kg)

Material Lightweight Cast Aluminum Alloy

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    TFT Tools


•   TFT offers exclusive personal tools such as the Res-Q-Rench which incorporates a spanner wrench, gas and O2 shutoff along with a seat belt cutter and window punch and the unique Hose Hook for managing rolls of hose easily and safely. All of these personal tools are manufactured from high strength, light weight DuPont Zytel polymers and easily fit on a key ring, in bunker pants pocket or in a nearby apparatus compartment.

•   An exclusive Spanner design allows the wrench to be adjusted to fit the locking mechanism of most Storz couplings, making coupling and uncoupling hose a simple single person operation. TFT’s lightweight hydrant wrench easily adjust to either four or five sided hydrant valves, as well as fitting all rocker lug or storz hose couplings and caps.

•   Picking up LDH hose could never be easier when using the unique Hose Roller. Easily and safely operated by two firefighters, LDH hose is easily drained of water and air for rapid repacking.

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