Task Force Tips UEP-1500BPBP Task Force Tips Fire Fighting Equipment Nozzles, Monitors, Piercing Nozzles, Manifold, Ball Intake Valves, PRO/pak, Blitzfire and Suction Hose
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Part No:UEP-1500BPBP

Flow Rate 1500 lpm
Coupling Size Side A 4.0 Inch (100mm)
Coupling Style Side A Knurled (Diamond pattern)
Coupling Swiveling/Rigid Side A Swivel (full time, even after tightening)
Connection Type Side A BSP Female
Coupling Size Side B 4.0 Inch (100mm)
Coupling Style Side B Male Threads
Coupling Swiveling/Rigid Side B Rigid
Connection Type Side B BSP Male
Hose Coupling Size N/A
Pressure 10 bar (150 psi)

•   Large, easy-to-change, and simple-to-read injection rate metering head indicators allow for accurate mixing of Class A at ¼ and ½ %, and AFFF, or AFFF-AR foam concentrates at 1, 3, or 6%.

•   The extra large 36” pickup hose and stainless steel wand (60, 95 and 125 gpm eductors) and the large 8 foot industrial grade UV resistant pickup hose (250 and 350 gpm eductors) are designed for use with all types of foams, including the thicker alcohol resistant concentrate -- which is easily and accurately picked up and injected into the water line.

•   Unique push-button backflush feature allows for easy flushing of foam residue from the eductor, assuring functionality during the next operation.

•   Quick Release Locker Ring allows eductor body to be detached from the metering head for easy storage.

•   Designed for easy use with gloves.

•   Maximum allowable back pressure is 130 psi (9 Bar).

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