AB Series - BIV - TFT's Ball Intake Valve has a 3.65" waterway and is designed for use with 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5 or 6" (89, 100, 115, 125 or 150mm) hose. The 30° intake elbow swivels 360° and has multiple positive detents. Make hose connections from any direction with minimal kinks and coupling stress. Designed for pressure or vacuum service on a pumper. Maximum operating pressure is 300 psi (20 bar). Meets 900 psi (62 bar) hydrostatic strength test. The aluminum castings are hard coat anodized, and TFT-powder coat finished inside and out for maximum corrosion protection. All the components on the wet side of the valve are made of stainless steel for additional corrosion protection. The hand crank needs 7-1/2 turns to open, meeting NFPA slow close requirements. There is a unique position indicator that shows the operator if the valve is open, closed or somewhere in between. The hand crank is installed with a 2-5/8" swing but may be switched to 1-5/8" if desired. The unit comes equipped with a rugged 3/4" (19mm) drain valve to quickly drain water from the valve housing. A port for an optional air bleed valve is incorporated into the design for user friendly configurability. Hose couplings and truck connections are attached to the valve using polymer bearing rings which provide electrical isolation to help prevent galvanic corrosion. Includes TFT's new adjustable pressure relief valve with a discharge that can be directed one of four ways and meets NFPA 1901. Contact TFT customer service for configurations not shown. Cap lanyard anchor point is standard.


Remote Control No
Profile Standard
Waterway 3.65 inch (92.7mm)
Coupling Size Side A 5" (125 mm)
Coupling Size Side B 5" (125 mm)
Weight 36.036
Detent Swivel Yes
L D H Inlet Yes
L D H Outlet Yes
Pressure Relief Valve Yes