StationProtect cleans the air in your fire station gear rooms, sleeping quarters, and living spaces up to 2400 square feet (22 square meters) with an airflow up to 655 CFM (18.55 CMM). The unit quickly and effectively removes particulates, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), molds, smoke, and aerosols carrying viruses and bacteria. The no-hassle cartridge contains a pre-filter, 40 pounds (18 kg) of patented molecular media, and a high-end HEPA filter. PuraWard fibers protect you from many viruses, bacteria, and mold using copper and silver.

Features & Benefits:

  • 220VAC for use outside of the United States
  • Effective in spaces up to 130 square meters
  • 655 CFM (18.55 CMM)
  • Mitigates VOCs, particulates, mold, smoke, and aerosols carrying viruses and bacteria


Weight 480
Voltage 220V EU
Application Station / Facilities
Max Airflow 655 CFM