StationProtect™ filters are tailored for the unit and work in unison to be capable of reacting with different types of contaminants, primarily particulates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and bioburden such as viruses, bacteria and mold (including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19). This kit contains 4 Molecular filter cartridges that are installed at the same time and must be replaced once per year. It also contains 1 Puraward + Hepa filter that will operate for a year, and 4 prefilters that lasts 3 months. This a complete yearly filter replacement kit. Since the technology inactivates viruses and volatile organic compounds, the filters are safe to dispose on normal refuse.


Weight 80
Media 4 Pre-filters, 4 Molecular filters,1 Puraward+HEPA
Replacement Cartridges StationProtect