The Flip Tip 2 can quickly and securely be switched between two nozzles during firefighting operations. The Max-Series model allows selection with a front Max-Force 100-500 GPM 80 PSI single pressure nozzle and a rear 1-3/4" smooth bore. Intended to be used on portable or fixed monitors such as the Blitzfire or Crossfire. Standard inlet is 2.5”NH (64mm) rocker lug swivel.


Pistol Grip No
Rear Nozzle 1-3/4 inch (44.5 mm)
Inlet Coupling Style Rocker
Body Size 2.5" (65 mm)
Inlet Coupling Swivel Non-Full Time Swivel
Front Nozzle Max-Matic 80psi
Type Specialty
Remote Control No
Weight 9.6