Separate ball-type shutoff valve with built-in pistol grip mounted below the valve body for use with tip only nozzles. Use the valve as a smooth bore with any of the 4 sizes of smooth bore inserts. Six detent flow positions, optional colored pistol grip and handle covers, 2.5" NH (65mm) rocker lug full-time swivel inlet coupling, and 1.5" NH (38mm) male outlet standard. All lightweight materials.


Pistol Grip Yes
Inlet Coupling Style Rocker
Body Size 2.5" (65 mm)
Inlet Coupling Swivel Full Time Swivel
Outlet Diameter 7/8" & 15/16" & 1" & 1-1/8" (22mm, 24mm,25mm,28mm)
Remote Control No
Weight 4.2


Technical Specifications and Drawings

Instructions For Installation, Safe Operation and Maintenance