The Hydrant Master is a lightweight, low friction-loss hydrant valve that can be used in many water supply operations. Water pressure from opening the hydrant automatically turns on the Hydrant Master electronics. The valve opens and closes under radio control with an innovative slide valve which allows the control of high flows with a device that only weighs 31 pounds and consumes extremely low power. A handheld controller with pressure display and positive feedback of valve position controls the valve in excess or 1200 feet (366 m) away and allows hydrant pressure to be monitored remotely from the fire scene. Both the valve and handheld are equipped with backlighting for use in low-light situations. Manual override is provided on the valve control panel. The radio used is of the spread spectrum variety (like wifi) such that no license is required. The valve and handheld are both powered by (4) AA lithium batteries which will provide 140 hours of reliable operation. A low battery indicator will light at both the valve and at the hand held controller when 20 hours of battery life remain. The unit will go into power save sleep more after five minutes of operation without a button being pressed.


Coupling Size Side A 5" (125 mm)
Coupling Size Side B 4" (100mm)
Coupling Swivel Side A Full Time Swivel
Coupling Swivel Side B Rigid
Finish Stardust Silver
L D H Inlet No
L D H Outlet No
Material Aluminum
Operation Energy Source Hydraulic/Battery Power
Pressure Relief Valve No
Remote Control Yes
Size LDH
Valve Design Aluminum Slide Valve
Weight 31


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