This communication interface box converts discrete input signals into communications for controlling any TFT RC electric monitor. The discrete input signals can be from a joystick, installer supplied toggle switches, relay contacts or canbus output module. The interface box accepts +12/24 VDC signals, but can be field changed to accept ground signals. This interface box also includes a relay to indicate when the monitor is in PARK position and has contacts that can be connected into the door open or Extend-A-Gun raised warning light. The interface box can be surface mounted. A 10' (3m) long 4-conductor cable for power and communication is supplied pre-connected. Also a 10' (3m) long cable is supplied pre-connected for connection to the input signals. This interface box is equipped with "last button pressed" software or can be configured as a "master" station.


Type Remote Control Accessories
Weight 1
Hemisphere Clamp No
Hemisphere Mount No