Designed for monitor use up to 8000 gpm (30280 l/min), these stacked tips are hardcoat anodized, allow four orifice options, have a built in stream straightener and pressure/flow charts laser engraved on each tip. Orifice openings are 5.125", 4.5", 4.0", and 3.5". (130mm, 114mm, 102mm and 89mm). Quick connect inlet coupling for Tsunami monitor is standard.


Inlet Coupling Style Quick Connect
Body Size 7.0" (178mm)
Style Smoothbore
Remote Control No
Weight 37.7
Connection Type Quick Connect
Coupling Size 7.0" (178mm)
Coupling Swivel Rigid
Orifice Sizes 5.125"(130mm) 4.5" (114mm) 4.0"(102mm) 3.5"(89 mm)


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